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Alternative forms[edit]


auto- +‎ fluff


autofluff (uncountable)

  1. A mixture of non-ferrous materials used in automobiles, difficult to recycle.
    • 1995, American Chemical Society, Preprints of papers (volume 40, issues 3-4)
      When old cars and trucks are sent to scrap yards for shredding to recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals, large quantities of non-metallic waste, referred to as autofluff, are generated.
    • 1997, A. V. Bridgwater, D. G. B. Boocock, Developments in thermochemical biomass conversion (volume 2, page 960)
      [] heterogeneous organic matter such as, residual biomass, classified urban wastes (RDF), autofluff, residual non-recyclable plastics, rubbers as well as other industrial organic wastes.