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auto- +‎ toxicus ?



autotoxicus (feminine autotoxica, neuter autotoxicum); first/second declension

  1. (New Latin, medicine) (Can we clean up(+) this sense?) autoimmune


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative autotoxicus autotoxica autotoxicum autotoxicī autotoxicae autotoxica
Genitive autotoxicī autotoxicae autotoxicī autotoxicōrum autotoxicārum autotoxicōrum
Dative autotoxicō autotoxicō autotoxicīs
Accusative autotoxicum autotoxicam autotoxicum autotoxicōs autotoxicās autotoxica
Ablative autotoxicō autotoxicā autotoxicō autotoxicīs
Vocative autotoxice autotoxica autotoxicum autotoxicī autotoxicae autotoxica