avoir envie

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  • IPA(key): /a.vwa.ʁ‿ɑ̃.vi/


avoir envie

  1. (transitive with de) to want; to desire (sexually)
    Est-ce que tu as envie de fraises, par hasard ?Would you like some strawberries, by any chance?
    J'ai envie de toi.I want you.
  2. (transitive with de) to feel like, to want to
    J'ai envie de baiser.I wanna fuck.
    Je n'ai pas envie de danser.I don't feel like dancing.
  3. (transitive with de) to feel an urge to
    J'ai envie de vomir.I wanna puke.
    J'ai envie de chier.I gotta take a shit.
  4. (by apocope) to need to use the toilet.
    Maman, j'ai envie!Mommy, I have to go!

Usage notes[edit]

Even though envie is a noun, it can take an adverb: j'en ai très envie, "I want it a lot". This usage, frowned upon in the past, is now perfectly standard; conversely, an adjectival modifier (j'en ai grande envie) sounds dated. Compare avoir faim, avoir soif, etc.