bæta gráu ofan á svart

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From bæta ‎(to add) and gráu ‎(grey, gray) the dative neutral form of grár ‎(grey, gray) and ofan á ‎(on top of) and svart ‎(black), the accusative neutral form of svartur ‎(black); literally meaning "to add gray on top of black".


bæta gráu ofan á svart ‎(weak verb, third-person singular past indicative bætti gráu ofan á svart, supine bætt gráu ofan á svart)

  1. (idiomatic) to add insult to injury, to make matters worse, to confound, to make something worse. syn.
    Hún var mjög dónaleg í gær og bætti bara gráu ofan á svart með því að biðjast ekki afsökunar.
    She was very rude yesterday and not apologizing only added insult to injury.