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babeldom (countable and uncountable, plural babeldoms)

  1. Alternative form of Babeldom
    • 2004, Kenneth White, The wanderer and his charts, ISBN 1904598153, page 177:
      Written by and for a myopic, microscopical insomniac, it's a babeldom that puts all noveldom in the shade, that puts culture, with a sardonic laugh, in a cul-de-sac.
    • 2007, John H. Tilden, Toxemia Explained, ISBN 1599869187, page 18:
      To do this, it was necessary to exile myself from doctors and medical conventions; for I could not think for myself while listening to the babblings of babeldom.
    • 2009, Andrei Oisteanu, Inventing the Jew, ISBN 0803224613:
      In a tall huge wagon, with only its breadth to count for one's idea of elegance, beauty, or comfort, covered over half its length by a gray tarpaulin and, against the country's custom, with four horses harnessed side by side, horses as stout as a fellow could knock down with a fist not uncommonly hard, some ten, twenty, thirty, or forty individuals of all ages and all sexes huddle together at a time at the back, in front, on the driver's seat, on the side ladders, sitting up, lying down, crouching, standing, all reeking of garlic and of onion, all spitting, waving hands, talking all at once in a savage vernacular, patched out of every idiom, although German prevails; they are scruffy, unbuttoned and tattered, praying in a hurried babeldom and beating their breasts with their fists in token of humility or grief.
    • 2010, Morgan Benson, The Mating Rituals of the Burning Giraffe, ISBN 1450042929:
      To a babeldom of worry, the bus slowed down until it finally came to a stop.