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From baby +‎ -gram


babygram (plural babygrams)

  1. An X-ray of the entire body of an infant
    • 2010, Rob A. C. Bilo, Forensic Aspects of Pediatric Fractures:
      Hereby it should first be established that in young infants the so-called babygram (consisting of one anterior-posterior view and one lateral view) of the skeleton should be considered obsolete and an error of judgement.
    • 2014, Marta C. Cohen, The Pediatric and Perinatal Autopsy Manual with DVD-ROM, page 235:
      An antero-posterior total-body radiograph (babygram) is most helpful. However, due to contractures or post mortem stiffening of the body, a postero-anterior babygram may be preferable to antero-posterior babygram.