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bachelor +‎ -ism


bachelorism (countable and uncountable, plural bachelorisms)

  1. Bachelorhood.
    • 1863, Secrets of My Office, by a Bill Broker (page 313)
      Often, I say, have I wavered in my faith as to the unapproachable beatitude of bachelorism, when dining out, for example, at a well-appointed marital menage.
  2. A manner or peculiarity belonging to bachelors.
    • 1807 April 18, Irving, Washington (as "Anthony Evergreen"), “Salmagundi, no. VIII”, in The Complete Works of Washington Irving[1], M. S. Schmerler, published 1835, page 33:
      As he could not be prevailed on to give any account of himself in our introduction, I will take the opportunity of his confinement, while his back is turned, to give a slight sketch of his character;—fertile in whim-whams and bachelorisms, but rich in many of the sterling qualities of our nature.