background fodder

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background fodder (uncountable)

  1. A work or medium used (mostly) for the purpose of boosting the enjoyment of another medium.
    He listened to music on his media player while he worked out on the treadmill; a classic use of background fodder.
    • 2002, Billboard (volume 114, number 23, page 35)
      Yet, a richer diversity of song texture and timbre would elevate this 12-track collection from gorgeous, atmospheric background fodder to a set that reverberates with more distinction.
    • 2013, Michael N. Salda, Arthurian Animation: A Study of Cartoon Camelots on Film and Television
      In the refocused narrative of King Arthur's Knights, Malory's larger Arthuriad—from the sword in the stone to the final conflict between Arthur and Mordred—becomes background fodder for Gareth's foreground adventures.