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Alternative forms[edit]



baffie (plural baffies)

  1. (golf) Alternative form of baffy
  2. (Scotland) A slipper, or a worn, comfortable shoe.
    • 2000, Kate Atkinson, Emotionally Weird, Macmillan (2001), →ISBN, page 40:
      [] ; the inhabitants' benign indifference to idiosyncratic behavior (the way, for example, that you could walk down the street in nothing but a pair of baffies with a budgerigar on your head and no-one would think twice of it).
    • 2001, Janet Paisley, Not for Glory,[1] Canongate, →ISBN, page 241:
      [] put him oot the door in his semmit an his baffies.
    • 2003, Katie MacAlister, Men in Kilts, Penguin Group, →ISBN, page 87:
      “You can’t be walking about in the muck with naught but your skirts and baffies. [] ” ¶ By process of elimination I narrowed the word baffies to mean some sort of footwear.


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