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baffling +‎ -ly


bafflingly (comparative more bafflingly, superlative most bafflingly)

  1. In a baffling or puzzling manner.
    • 1931, H. P. Lovecraft, The Whisperer in Darkness, chapter 8:
      As I tried to catch the words which the stoutly-fashioned floor so bafflingly intercepted, I was also conscious of a great deal of stirring and scratching and shuffling in the room below; so that I could not escape the impression that it was full of living beings—many more than the few whose speech I could single out.
    • 1974, Samuel Louis Goldberg, An Essay on King Lear‎[1], →ISBN, page 162:
      To define is to specify, to trace limits; and whatever this 'something' is, it seems at once bafflingly specific and yet bafflingly without limits.