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Alternative forms[edit]


baldrick (plural baldricks)

  1. A broad belt, sometimes richly ornamented, worn over one shoulder, across the breast, and under the opposite arm; less properly, any belt.
    • 1400?, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, line 2485.:
      And the bright green belt on his body he bore, oblique, like a baldrick, bound at his side below his left shoulder, laced in a knot...
    • 1598, William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, Act I, Scene I, line 238:
      That a woman conceiv'd me, I thank her; that she brought me up, I likewise give her most humble thanks; but that I will have a rechate winded in my forehead, or hang my bugle in an invisible baldrick, all women shall pardon me.
    • 1800?, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, The Lady Of Shalott, part III, verse 2:
      And from his blazoned baldrick slung, a mighty silver bugle hung...
    • 1786, Francis Grose, A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, page 33:
      The sword was carried in a belt of buff or other leather girded round the body, or thrown over the right shoulder, these shoulder belts were called baudricks.