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balls on (third-person singular simple present ballses on, present participle ballsing on, simple past and past participle ballsed on)

  1. (Britain, Australia, New Zealand, slang, vulgar, intransitive) To blather.
    • 2010, Ruth Rendell, Portobello: A Novel, →ISBN, page 250:
      “Can you tell me why it is,” said Ian in an aggressive way, “every time we go into a fucking pub you go ballsing on about bleeding Lance Platt. Can you tell me that?”
    • 2013, Philip Hook, The Stonebreakers, →ISBN:
      Here was Oswald, trying to make the business a bit of money, to go out and find a few pictures to sell and a few clients to sell them to; and here was this youth ballsing on about Chatsworth and his weekends with Lady Lindisfarne.