banana ball

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banana ball (plural banana balls)

  1. (sports) A banana shot
    • 1987, Kurt Aschermann, Coaching Kids to Play Soccer, →ISBN, page 53.
      When trying to bend the ball around defenders, a defensive wall, or the goalie's outstretched hands, the banana ball is used.
    • 2001, Rayne Barton, The Green Hills Golf Chronicles, →ISBN, page 155:
      Even the lowly banana ball, the bane of so many weekenders, sometimes can be exactly right, as in this case.
    • 2009, Christopher Sandford, Imran Khan: The Cricketer, The Celebrity, The Politician, →ISBN, page 138.
      As we've seen, Imran was among the first to master the art, and in particular the extravagantly curving 'banana ball' that was to bring him a rich harvest of wickets in 1981 and beyond.