banana ball

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banana ball (plural banana balls)

  1. (sports) A banana shot
    • 1987, Kurt Aschermann, Coaching Kids to Play Soccer, ISBN 0671639366, page 53.
      When trying to bend the ball around defenders, a defensive wall, or the goalie's outstretched hands, the banana ball is used.
    • 2001, Rayne Barton, The Green Hills Golf Chronicles, ISBN 0738847917, page 155:
      Even the lowly banana ball, the bane of so many weekenders, sometimes can be exactly right, as in this case.
    • 2009, Christopher Sandford, Imran Khan: The Cricketer, The Celebrity, The Politician, ISBN 000731888X, page 138.
      As we've seen, Imran was among the first to master the art, and in particular the extravagantly curving 'banana ball' that was to bring him a rich harvest of wickets in 1981 and beyond.