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Alternative forms[edit]


bar/resto (plural bar/restos)

  1. A bar-cum-restaurant.
    • 1998 May 28, Bruce Ritchie <>, "Re: Build a Brewmeister or buy a Beer Fridge?", rec.crafts.brewing, Usenet,
      "If you have a friend or relative in the restaurant business, he can hook you up with everything for much cheaper."... The suggestion to use any connection you might have in the bar/resto trade is a good one if you are lucky enough to have one!
    • 1998 June 24, Ken Rudolph <>, "Mysteries of Pittsburgh Part 1 (long)", soc.motss, Usenet,
      Scott suggested we try New York, New York, a Shadyside neighborhood bar/resto.
    • 2007 October, Nicole Berrie, "Green Eggs and Sam", in Elle, page 360,
      After a frenzy of anticipatory blogging, the bar/resto is finally ready, replete with house-infused spirits and a menu blurring sweet and salty.