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barege (plural bareges)

  1. Alternative spelling of barège
    • 1908, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, The Shoulders of Atlas[1]:
      Rose took out an old barege of an ashes-of-roses color.
    • 1900, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Pembroke[2]:
      She moved, a stately high-hipped figure, her severe face almost concealed in a scooping green barege hood, to the centre of the floor, and stood there with a pose that might have answered for a statue of Judgment.
    • 1871, Eleanor Frances Poynter, My Little Lady[3]:
      "Because her father--ah! bon jour, Madame--excuse me, Monsieur, but I go to pay my respects to Madame la Comtesse!" cried the Belgian, as an elderly red-faced lady, with fuzzy sandy hair, wearing a dingy, many-flounced lilac barege gown, came towards them along the gravel path.
    • 1852, Mary H. Eastman, Aunt Phillis's Cabin[4]:
      She has on her blue barege dress, which implies her unvarying constancy.