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barfolicious (comparative more barfolicious, superlative most barfolicious)

  1. (rare) Alternative spelling of barfalicious
    • 2005 March 8, Greg Pratt, "Re: FMP7 bug: writing PDFs on Mac Quartz", in comp.databases.filemaker, Usenet:
      Using just one font to display each record, if you printed 1500 records, FMP7 would dump 1500 copies of the font into the PostScript/PDF output. Barfolicious!
    • 2008 January 20, "Chief Thracian" (username), "Re: Under Attack", in alt.religion.shamanism and other newsgroups, Usenet:
      Oh, barfolicious! Accusing a gay person of heterophobia is like accusing a Jew of Naziphobia.