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barkentine (plural barkentines)

  1. (sailing) Alternative spelling of barquentine
    • 1937 August, Theodore G. Roberts, “Lay Aft, Mr. Dutton!”, in Boys' Life, volume 27, number 8, page 16:
      There was a barkentine in Halifax harbor. That was a thing worth looking at in the year 1933.
    • 1937, Frederick O'Brien, Mystic Isles of the South Seas.[1]:
      The William Olsen, a San Francisco barkentine, kedged out into the lagoon as fast as possible, and through the tearing sheets of rain I glimpsed other vessels reaching for a holding-ground.
    • 1990 May 18, Patrick Daugherty, “Reading: Fare for Flying”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      She is passenger on the square-rigged barkentine Speedwell, now lying off the coast of Virginia.