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  1. present participle of barrack


barracking (plural barrackings)

  1. An act of jeering or heckling.
    • 2012, Rob White, Julie Welch, The Ghost: In Search of My Father the Football Legend (page 106)
      It's the sort of mindset in which you don't take in the words of praise, only the boss's criticism and the barrackings of the crowd.
  2. (Australia, New Zealand) The act of cheering for or supporting a team.
    • 1988, J. A. Mangan (editor), Pleasure, Profit, Proselytism: British Culture and Sport at Home and Abroad 1700-1914[1], page 266:
      The only really unique aspect of Australian barracking is its idiom, the distinctive language and humour involved.
    • 2009, Roger Averill, Boy He Cry: An Island Odyssey[2], page 115:
      I had by then explained to him my custom of occasionally listening to Australian Rules Football on our shortwave radio of a Saturday afternoon; how, despite my barracking for Essendon, I thought a player from Geelong, Gary Ablett, the best I had ever seen.
    • 2010, John Cash, Joy Damousi, Footy Passions, page 75,
      ‘So to me barracking for the footy I identified with my father, although nobody barracked for Essendon.’