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Alternative forms[edit]


From Ancient Greek βάσεις (báseis), nominative plural form of βάσις (básis), whence English basis.




  1. (rare) plural of basis
    • 1975: Uniwersytet Śla̜ski w Katowicach, Prace z nauk społecznych, volumes 7–9, page 110
      Family Pathology and Its Symptoms (on the Baseis of Earlier Studies)
    • 1991, Practising Law Institute, Handling Land Use and Environmental Problems of Real Estate[1], page 330:
      The court analyzed regulations on the baseis of whether they enhanced a public right in property or whether they destroyed a fundamental attribute of ownership.
    • 1994: Chemical abstracts: Key to the World’s Chemical Literature, volumes 1–135 and 138–139, page 438
      The enzyme was classified as α-amylase according to the action specificty and on the baseis of data obtained as a result of the inhibitory anal.
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