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Alternative forms[edit]


From bashi-bazouk +‎ -ery.



bashi-bazoukery (uncountable)

  1. Extreme physical violence; brutality; cruelty.
    • 1942, Northern California Writers' Program Work Projects Administration, chapter IV, in An Anthology of Music Criticism[1], page 372:
      [] I knew well the self-important back-patting, the servile admiration, the ambiguous analyses, the petty praise, and the pettier intellectual bashi-bazoukery --'
    • 1951, Compton Mackenzie, Vestal Fire, Chatto & Windus (1951), page 168:
      Late though the hour, there were quite enough people about to exaggerate the incident into fifty different versions and turn it into as bloodthirsty a piece of bashi-bazoukery as had ever thrilled Sirene.
    • 1960, Blackwood's Magazine, Volume 287, page 544:
      Bashi-bazoukery was rampant in the area of Urfa and Ulysses was bastinadoed mercilessly.

Related terms[edit]