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  1. present participle of baulk


baulking (plural baulkings)

  1. Alternative form of balking
    • 1857, Charles Kingsley, “Still Life”, in Two Years Ago, volume I, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: Macmillan and Co., →OCLC, page 45:
      Up jump half-a-dozen off the logs and baulkings, where they have been squatting, doubled up knee to nose, after the fashion of their class; and a volley of execrations, like a storm of grape, almost blows the two offenders off the wall.
    • 1891 May 2, Thomas Valpy French; Herbert [Alfred] Birks, editor, “The Lonely Pioneer”, in The Life and Correspondence of Thomas Valpy French, First Bishop of Lahore, volume II, London: John Murray, [], published 1895, page 389:
      I have seldom experienced such trying bafflings and baulkings of purpose.
    • 1899, H[enry] Rider Haggard, “June”, in A Farmer’s Year: Being His Commonplace Book for 1898, London: Longmans, Green, and Co., []; New York and Bombay, page 223:
      What he meant was that in the old days a root-field would receive three or four ploughings in addition to the necessary baulkings.