be that as it may

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be that as it may

  1. (idiomatic) Even if that is the case; whether that is true or not; nevertheless.
    • 1732, Henry Grove, A Discourse concerning the Nature and Design of the Lord's Supper, 1753 Charles Wright edition, London, p. 37 (Google preview):
      Be that as it may, the duty of all communicants lies plain.
    • 1776, William Combe, The Diaboliad: A Poem. Dedicated to the Worst Man in His Majesty's Dominions, London: G. Kearsly, page 14:
      But be that as it may, the principle of it is founded in truth.
    • 1858 June 12, Charles Dickens, Household Words, number 429, page 602:
      We English people, be that as it may, have among us the best nursing for love and the worst nursing for money that can be got in Europe.
    • 1953 May 24, “Mr Dulles Visits South Asia”, in New York Times, page E10:
      It has frequently been asserted in the Indian press that the United States does not understand India's position. . . . Be that as it may, it is certainly true that some sectors of Indian opinion likewise do not adequately understand the motives of the United States.
    • 2005 June 23, Mark Miller, “No rest for this elder statesman of jazz”, in The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada, page R3:
      "They seem to think I'm photogenic." Be that as it may, and Rollins surely is a striking figure, his music and only his music matters.



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