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  1. a short drop and a sudden stop
  2. in for an inch, in for a mile
  3. in for a dime, in for a dollar
  4. finders, keepers; losers, weepers
  5. no pain, no gain
  6. out of sight, out of mind
  7. once bitten, twice shy
  8. least said, soonest mended
  9. in for a penny, in for a pound
  10. first come, first served
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  1. full whack
  2. get a move on
  3. get a kick out of
  4. hold a grudge
  5. kick off
  6. light a fire under
  7. hold back
  8. busman's holiday
  9. bundle of joy
  10. root around

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English phrases understood by subjective, as opposed to literal meanings.

For information on how to construct the canonical form, see Wiktionary:Criteria for inclusion#Idiomatic phrases


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