23 skidoo

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23 skidoo

  1. (idiomatic, archaic, chiefly US) [c. 1908-1923] To leave, particularly quickly or at an advantageous time.
    • 1908, George Washington University student publication, The Cherry tree: published by the students at George Washington university, page 348:
      ... the 'varsity quarter, who at the close of each meeting discards the conventional "I move we adjourn, sir,'" for the more modern "23, skidoo."
    • 1928, Henry Robinson Luce, Time, volume 11:
      I can imagine nothing more shocking than to hear some one use a slang expression current ten years ago, such as ‘23 skidoo’ or ‘you’re off your base.’
  2. (idiomatic, archaic, chiefly US) [c. 1908-1923] To be forced to leave quickly.