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  1. innocent as the child unborn
  2. remember like it was yesterday
  3. clear as day
  4. as common as dirt
  5. as heavy as a dead donkey
  6. like a moth to the flame
  7. easy as 123
  8. white as a ghost
  9. like a bitch on heat
  10. like a rat up a drainpipe
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  1. thick as pig shit
  2. like shelling peas
  3. deaf as a post
  4. scarce as hen's teeth
  5. dry as a nun's cunt
  6. smart as a whip
  7. useful as a chocolate teapot
  8. straight as an arrow
  9. like crack
  10. fine as frog's hair

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English figures of speech in which one thing is compared to another.

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