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  1. empty as a pauper's purse
  2. smart as paint
  3. merry as a grig
  4. dead as a mackerel
  5. thick as mince
  6. play God
  7. black as the ace of spades
  8. cold as a well-digger's arse
  9. straight as a soldier
  10. dead as a doornail
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  1. like crack
  2. like a charm
  3. thin as a wafer
  4. sound as a roach
  5. like feeding time at the zoo
  6. like white on rice
  7. smooth as silk
  8. as much use as a chocolate teapot
  9. go out like a light
  10. rare as hen's teeth

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English figures of speech in which one thing is compared to another.

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