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Canadian as maple syrup (not comparable)

  1. (simile) Completely or quintessentially Canadian.
    • 2003, Stan Sauerwein, Ma Murray: The Story of Canada's Crusty Queen of Publishing, Altitude Publishing (2003), →ISBN, page 20:
      George Matheson Murray, the man she was to meet in South Vancouver, was an oatmeal porridge Scot as Canadian as maple syrup.
    • 2006, Mel Alkey, Broadway North: The Dream of a Canadian Musical Theatre, National Heritage/Natural History (2006), →ISBN, page 3:
      To many in the world theatre scene, Canada would, at first glance, appear to be an unlikely place for anything exciting to happen. So, what's a poor kid to do if he's Canadian as maple syrup, yet every fibre of his being screams, “Gotta sing! Gotta dance!"?
    • 2014, Chris Turner, How to Breathe Underwater: Field Reports from an Age of Radical Change, Biblioasis (2014), →ISBN, page 220:
      Back home, meanwhile, souvenir shops in many Canadian cities feature humidors well stocked with Cuban tobacco products for sale to American tourists. The Cuban cigar has become, in a sense, as Canadian as maple syrup.

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