as anything

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Prepositional phrase[edit]

as anything

  1. (simile) To a great extent or degree; very.
    • 1869, Anthony Trollope, He Knew He Was Right, Penguin Classics 1994 ed., ISBN 0140433910, page 136,
      He went over to Nuncombe Putney, as sure as anything -- hired Mrs Clegg's chaise and pair, and asked for Mrs Trevelyan's house as open as anything.
    • 1908, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables, Sterling Publishing 2004 ed., ISBN 1402714513, page 91,
      She could faint as easy as anything. I'd love to be able to faint, wouldn't you, Marilla?
    • 1998, Maeve Binchy, Tara Road, Dell, ISBN 0440235596, page 260,
      [] he'll be as sorry as anything, he'll put it right.

Usage notes[edit]

May also be used in conjunction with a prepositive as; for example, as mean as anything.