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Alternative forms[edit]


From aha +‎ moment.


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aha moment (plural aha moments)

  1. (idiomatic) The moment or instant at which the solution to a problem, or some other significant realization, becomes clear.
    • 1994 January 30, Peter Rainer, “Spielberg backlash strikes ‘Schindler’”, in Toledo Blade, USA, retrieved 15 August 2012, page E2:
      We are never made to understand why Oskar Schindler, the Nazi war profiteer, risked his life to save more than 1,200 Jews; there is no defining Aha! moment that accounts for his heroism.
    • 2007 March 8, Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, “The Zeal For the Job”, in Time:
      Her aha moment came in 2003: "This, I realized, was my passion."
    • 2009 May 28, Miguel Helft, “Microsoft’s Search for a Name Ends With a Bing”, in New York Times, retrieved 15 August 2012:
      Microsoft’s marketing gurus hope that Bing will evoke [] a sound — the ringing of a bell that signals the “aha” moment when a search leads to an answer.



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