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UK circa 1760. Eponymous of Edward Cocker (1631 – 1676), teacher and author of the popular mathematics textbook known as Cocker's Arithmetick.


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Prepositional phrase[edit]

according to Cocker

  1. (dated, colloquial, Britain, idiomatic) Done properly, correctly and reliably; in accordance with proper procedure and established rules.
    • 1885, Hough, Lewis, “Touch and Go!”, in For Fortune and Glory:
      A man rode at an Arab who fired and missed him, and then seized his spear, with the apparent intention of meeting him as an infantry soldier should, according to Cocker.
    • 1931, Freeman, R[ichard] Austin, “Of a Hansom Cab and a Black Eagle”, in Pontifex, Son And Thorndyke[1]:
      It seems that a certain constable whose beat included Dorchester Square was going his round rather late one evening when he noticed a hansom cab drawn up about the middle of the south side of the square. There was no sign of the driver, and no one minding the horse; and as this was not quite according to Cocker, it naturally attracted his attention.

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