according to Hoyle

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The title page of Hoyle's 1758 treatise on backgammon.


Eponymous of Edmond Hoyle, an early author on the subject of card gaming.


Prepositional phrase[edit]

according to Hoyle

  1. (idiomatic) In strict accordance with the rules, especially of card games; in the proper or expected manner.
    • 1902, Gilbert Parker, chapter 11, in Donovan Pasha and Some People of Egypt:
      This isn't a country where things are cut and dried, and done according to Hoyle.
    • 2007, Phil Axelrod, "District Spotlight: PAC men's basketball follows form," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 22 Feb. (retrieved 8 Aug. 2008),
      The opening round of the Presidents' Athletic Conference men's basketball tournament went according to Hoyle.