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Prepositional phrase[edit]

all over the map

  1. (idiomatic) Widely scattered or distributed; numerous and differing greatly.
    • 1985, Jon Pareles, "Music: Ruben Blades's Salsa," New York Times, 28 Oct.,
      The Kip Hanrahan Band, which opened the concert, is after its own ambitious American-Latin fusion, with internationalist rhythms, introspective lyrics and musicians from all over the map.
    • 2008, "A Financial Earthquake," Newsweek, 9 Aug.,
      The reactions were swift, impassioned and all over the map.
    • 2009, Pauline Frommer, Pauline Frommer's Las Vegas[1], →ISBN, page 58:
      Prices are even more all over the map than usual here; I've seen them range from just $36 all the way up to $160...
  2. (idiomatic) In widely scattered directions; in a widely varying manner.
    • 2008, Scott Petrak, "Browns notes: PGA contender," The Chronicle-Telegram (Ohio), 13 Aug. (retrieved 13 Aug 2008),
      “I hit it all over the map,” Anderson joked.

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