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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


Formed by the prefix be- +‎ arbeide (to work), literally "work on". Loan-translation of German bearbeiten (although both components of the Norwegian variant are from Middle Low German)


bearbeide (imperative bearbeid, present tense bearbeider, passive bearbeides, simple past bearbeida or bearbeidet or bearbeidde, past participle bearbeida or bearbeidet or bearbeidd, present participle bearbeidende)

  1. to adapt, edit
    Skuespillet er blitt bearbeidet til film.
    The play has been adapted to a film.
  2. (agriculture) to cultivate, till
    Man må passe på å bearbeide matjorda.
    One must remember to cultivate the topsoil.
  3. to work on, to persuade, coax,
    Ta det med ro, vi må bare bearbeide ham litt, så gir han nok etter.
    Relax, we just need to coax him a little and I'm sure he'll give in.
  4. to tool, work on, work (up), process
    Jeg har bearbeidet fuglekassen min, hva synes du?
    I've been working on my nesting box, what do you think?
  5. (music) to arrange
    Hun har bearbeidet stykket helt selv.
    She has arranged the piece all on her own.


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