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beater-upper (plural beater-uppers)

  1. One who beats people up.
    • 1941 August 11, “Barrymore Beaten Up While Working For His Creditors”, in St. Petersburg Times[1]:
      Yesterday he was doing just that by submitting to a thorough beating up at the hands of Miss Lupe Velez, who's probably the best beater-upper of either sex in Hollywood.
    • 1965, Hearings [Agriculture dept.][2]:
      These are the muggers and beater-uppers, and car thieves and burglars and rapists, assaulters, and so on.
    • 1985 May 27, “A pug and a gentleman”, in The Sydney Morning Herald[3]:
      [] and, in the best sporting tradition, the Gordon player gratefully helped his beater-upper back to his feet.