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beautimous (comparative more beautimous, superlative most beautimous)

  1. (Southern US, colloquial) Beautiful.
    • 1991, Robert R. McCammon, Gone South, Open Road Integrated Media (2011), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      “Oh, them stories. That she's a young beautimous girl and she don't never get old or die. That she can touch you and heal any sickness, or cancer ... or scar. Your friend tell you all that?”
    • 2003, Tom Carson, Gilligan's Wake, Picador (2003), →ISBN, page 133:
      I was in the beautimous April of my years.
    • 2012, Norman H. Drummond, True Humility: Finding Power and Joy in This Biblically Mandated Virtue, WestBow Press (2012), →ISBN, page 21:
      I wonder about Adam. The pride that guided his decision to eat the fore-bitten fruit wasn't for the purpose of impressing his beautimous wife.