because reasons

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Alternative forms[edit]


because reasons

  1. (Internet slang) Used to avoid specifying the reasons for something, perhaps because specifying them would be tangential to the point at hand, or perhaps the reasons are too many or too involved or too time consuming to specify, or perhaps because they are not sound or are not known to the speaker.
    • 2013 February 18, Steven D'Aprano (username), Re: Differences creating tuples and collections.namedtuples, in comp.lang.python, Usenet:
      Why would I change the syntax like that? Because reasons. Good or bad, what's done is done []
    • 2013 October 25, Playa (username), Re: [GW] Local Celebrity?, in, Usenet:
      FW shoe-horned AM into Isstvan in HH2: Massacre, because reasons.
    • 2014 January 13, TC10K (username), Re: Best Places to eat in Orlando?, in rec.roller-coaster, Usenet:
      HotKrust just got the Orlando Sentinel award for "best of Orlando" in some category, I think "lunch spot" or something.
      At any rate, I've not eaten there but I plan to next time I'm in town.
      Because reasons.
    • 2014 January 17, (username), Prime Technology Question, in, Usenet:
      They couldn't restore his hand since because reasons!!! ...that's why. honest. It's actually that simple. see television doesn't have to explain itself.