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bed-gowned (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of bedgowned
    • 1823, My Uncle Oddy, chapter XVIII, in Maria; or, A Shandean Journey of a Young Lady, Through Flanders and France, During the Summer of 1822, London: [] John Hatchard and Son, [], page 64:
      We could but admire the decorum and politeness—heightened by occasional little acts of well-timed gallantry, displayed by these smock-frocked beaux towards their bed-gowned belles.
    • 1833, “Mystification. An Ower True Tale.”, in Louisa Henrietta Sheridan, editor, The Comic Offering; or Ladies’ Melange of Literary Mirth, for MDCCCXXXIII, London: Smith, Elder and Co., [], page 210:
      A most emphatic “Woa, Smiler!” abruptly terminated his display of vocal melody, for the cart was now at Mr. Slaughter’s door, the night bell of which Padds rung long and loudly, until, in anxious anticipation of a some profitable patient, the surgeon, putting his bed-gowned body half out of an upper window, demanded the reason of being thus disturbed.
    • 1844 August, Whiskaway, “Rail v. Road; or, Ancient and Modern Travel”, in American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine, New York, N.Y.: [] the Office of the Spirit of the Times, page 466:
      A coach breakfast—what horrible recollections these words conjure up! what head-achery, weary, crampy, teeth-chattery, dusty, dirty, dingy reminiscences! what backslum, stable-yard, bare-armed, red elbowed, bed-gowned, slip-shod associations they present to one’s too-vivid recollection!
    • 1852 January 3, “The Drama”, in The Literary Gazette and Journal of Belles Lettres, Science, and Art, for the Year 1852, number 1824, London: Reeve and Co., [], page 22:
      The pantomime scenes are well arranged, especially a view of house-tops, where a good deal of comic business takes place, ending with a wholesale slaughter of cats and irruption of bed-gowned and disturbed sleepers.
    • 1997, Pat Cody, Kept by a Countess, Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc., →ISBN, pages 40 and 57:
      As light crept into the square and found her face and figure, the bed-gowned maidservant’s hair and eyes had reflected highlights of the golden stone shaping the house behind her. [] Shortly after four in the afternoon, Jonys stood staring at the steps the bed-gowned maid had ascended at dawn.