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bed +‎ -wear


bedwear (uncountable)

  1. Clothing to be worn in bed.
    • 1983, Molly Keane, Good Behaviour
      In the schoolroom she would sit alone in a loving glow as frail clouds of wool grew through her clever fingers into wraps and misty bedwear for Lady Grizel's birthday or Christmas presents.
    • 2008, Ken Follett, Eye of the Needle
      Better to be thought chronically shy than to have landladies with duplicate keys sneaking in at night in their bedwear.
    • 2011, Calvin J. Boal, Last Run of the Whisperer, page 331:
      She appeared to be wearing a laced white nightgown as the hour of the evening was growing late, with an overcoat over to hide her bedwear.