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beefarm (plural beefarms) (rare)

  1. Alternative spelling of bee farm
    • 1915, The Australasian Beekeeper, Pender Bros., pages 84, 156:
      Beefarm Sites and Ranges, 25. [] Ask questions in next A.B.K. for a remedy for prickled blood. A number of beefarms in Victoria are suffering from it this year.
    • 1918, International Review of Agricultural Economics, volume 9, page 917:
      Areas of no more than ten acres of crown land may be granted as bee-arms on annual licenses, the rent being one shilling an acre per annum. A bee-range license may be secured on payment of one halfpenny for every [a]cre of crown land within a mile of the beefarm; and all suitable timber, [e]ven on land held under a grazing lease or license, may, for the purpose of beefarms, be protected from destruction on any area.
    • 1928, Modern Beekeeping, page 215:
      Such a man is W. C. Greenleaf of Muir, Michigan. He runs a dairy and beefarm.
    • 1943, Rural India, volume 6, page 254:
      Honey Yield at the Govt. Beefarm Nagrota 1936–42.
    • 1947, South African Bee Journal, page 18:
      These are popular in Scotland and the north and as the brood-boxes take 15 frames they are a useful large hive, but we shall not keep those. They were brought in from a Wiltshire beefarm which was taken over and they will be disposed of when convenient.
    • 1949, Proceedings, All India Bee-keepers' Association, page 11:
      But, my object has always been to own a big commercial beefarm and to become a large scale honey-producer.
    • 1976, Scottish Beekeeper, Scottish Beekeepers' Association, Practical Experience and Help on Beefarms Through an International Youth Exchange Programme / by kare bjornstol, page 47:
      [] and those who want to stay to work for a few months on a beefarm abroad. (Please state which country you are interested in.)
    • 1993, Redgrove, Peter, “The Mountain”, in The Laborators, Taxus Press, →ISBN, page 27:
      The beefarm on her sloping meadows, the sweet / Exacting spaces spinning honey; / Under the elms and the sycamores / The light leaves cherish many flowers, / The light air under the boughs threaded / With the vivid bees who return
    • 2013 July 29, Redmond, Christopher, “The Present”, in Sherlock Holmes and the Lufton Lady, MX Publishing, Limited, →ISBN:
      But shortly after the pair had moved into the small cottage and set up the beefarm, a woman with eyes as blue as Wedgwood - and spry for an older woman - joined them.

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