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be- +‎ fevered


befevered (comparative more befevered, superlative most befevered)

  1. Afflicted with fever.
    • 1878, George Dennis, The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria, John Murray (1878), page 236:
      The place is squalid beyond description, almost in utter ruin, desolated in summer by malaria, and at no time containing more that some hundred and fifty befevered souls []
    • 1939, Ben Arid (pseudonym of Melville Clemens Barnard), Putting "It" in the Column, De Vorss & Co. (1939), page 85:
      Indeed, I am convinced that there is no microbe or germ, however tough and wicked he may be, that could survive the repeated shocks upon his armor of a series of deep, lusty guffaws deftly produced by the skilled medico in the heart cockles of his befevered patient!
    • 2004 May 13, Christopher Lloyd & Joe Keenan, "Goodnight, Seattle", episodes 11-23/24 of Frasier, 00:08:16-00:08:30:
      Frasier Crane: Use it in a sentence.
      Charlotte Connor: Her grandmother's bed was warm and quilty.
      Frasier Crane: And why is she lying there? Because she's feeling all "befevered" again?
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