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From be- +‎ flood.


beflood (third-person singular simple present befloods, present participle beflooding, simple past and past participle beflooded)

  1. (transitive) To flood around or about; flood all over; inundate.
    • 1783, The gentleman's magazine, and historical chronicle:
      Why, to suit his hypothesis of pulsion and suction, must, a water-spout be confined to the ocean, like a squirt to the pond, and only upon a rare occasion be raised up or lifted about to splash and beflood the neighbouring shores?
    • 1856, Catholic Church, Martin Wilson Foye, Romish rites, offices, and legends:
      What waves of tears beflood her face! What dolours rend her aching heart!
    • 1962, James Branch Cabell, Padraic Colum, Margaret Freeman Cabell, Between friends: letters of James Branch Cabell and others:
      Otherwise, I liked the paper immensely, and if you really enjoy reading James I merely marvel without exhortation. But the "Feminine Nuisance" is quite a different couple of sandals. ... I beflood it with an approval [...]