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By analogy with afterlife.


beforelife (plural beforelives)

  1. An existence before the beginning of life.
    • 2009, Randy Alcorn, Edge of Eternity, →ISBN, p. 258 (Google preview):
      The roads men choose in the beforelife lead to infinite joy or infinite misery in the afterlife.
    • 2012, N. Gregory Mankiw, Principles of Economics, sixth edition, page 426:
      Imagine that before any of us is born, we all get together in the beforelife (the pre-birth version of the afterlife) for a meeting to design the rules that will govern society.
    • 2014, William Lowell Randall, The Stories We Are: An Essay on Self-Creation (2nd ed.), →ISBN, p. 150 (Google preview):
      The point is that, however secular our culture may be, notions of an afterlife (and/or a beforelife) seem to be dying rather hard.

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