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Old English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


begang m (nominative plural begangas)

  1. course, passage, circuit
    Holma begang. — The passage of the deep.
  2. region, territory, expanse
    Ofer geofenes begang. — Over the sea's expanse. (Beowulf)
  3. business, undertaking, service
    Hé hine onwende from ealre þisse worlde begangum. — He would trade for Him all this world for service.
  4. cultivation
    Fram ǽlce begange þis land ligeð tólýsed.
  5. religious practice
    Ðǽre godcundnesse begang — Divine worship
  6. superstitious or magical practice
    Sé þe lufige þisses galdres begang. — Lo, see thee here the practice of the wizard.