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be- +‎ glamour


beglamour (third-person singular simple present beglamours, present participle beglamouring, simple past and past participle beglamoured)

  1. To make glamorous.
    • 1954, Philip Wylie, The Best of Crunch and Des, page 4:
      Lights glitter on wet planks, on the functional bodies of the day's catch, and floodlights beglamour the colored dresses and the pastel beach costumes of the crowds that stroll there.
  2. To bedazzle; to deceive as if by magic.
    • John Galt
      "Do," cried Robin; "sir, she's an auld withered hag, would spean a foal. Surely she did na sae beglamour your senses as to appear like a winsome young lass?"