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begrudge +‎ -ery


begrudgery (uncountable)

  1. (Ireland) resentment or envy of the success of a peer; criticism of ostentatious display of success.
    • 1978 Gerard Quinn, "Ireland and the European Monetary System" in Studies Vol.67 p.275:
      a certain sense of resentment at economically successful countries (what the Irish themselves call their national vice of begrudgery)
    • 1998 Nina Witoszek, Patrick F. Sheeran, "The Tradition of Vernacular Hatred" in Talking to the Dead: A Study of Irish Funerary Traditions (Costerus New Series, Vol.117, p.114):
      Joseph Lee's Ireland 1912-1985 seems to confirm the intuition of the writers in presenting an Ireland in which an alarming political and economic retardation was linked to begrudgery, "a deadly alloy of envy, jealousy and spite".
    • 2004, John Waters, The politburo has decided that you are unwell, page 283:
      If proof were needed that begrudgery was dead, we need look no further than the existence of VIP magazine.


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