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Alternative forms[edit]


Univerbation of bei Seite.



  1. (in some regions rather formal) Alternative form of zur Seite (aside, to the side)
    Stell den Kasten beiseite und setz dich hier hin!
    Put that box aside and come sit down!
    Geh mal kurz beiseite!
    Move aside for a second!
  2. away; out of one’s way; aside (more forceful, resolute; often figurative)
    Die Rocker schubsten alle beiseite, die ihnen im Weg zur Theke standen.
    The bikers pushed anyone aside who was standing in their way to the bar.
    Er wischte alle Vorwürfe beiseite.
    He brashed all accusations aside.
  3. aside (to a place where one can talk in confidence)
    Ich nahm ihn beiseite, um ihn darüber zu befragen.
    I took him aside to ask him about it.

Usage notes[edit]

  • In the literal sense 1, beiseite is an alternative form of more common zur Seite (aside). In the other, less literal senses it is significantly more common to use beiseite, though zur Seite is not quite ruled out.

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