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  1. present participle of bellow


bellowing (plural bellowings)

  1. The sound produced when someone or something bellows
    • 1890, Richard Garnett, The Twilight of the Gods, and Other Tales[1]:
      The cries of applause and derision from the spectators, and the formidable bellowings of the exasperated monks who surrounded Pachymius, did not tend to steady his nerves, or render the task of critical discrimination the easier.
    • 1892, Ambrose Bierce, Black Beetles in Amber[2]:
      Incessant bellowings fill all the earth, Mingled with inextinguishable mirth.
    • 1910, Edith Nesbit, The Magic City[3]:
      With great heavings and throes, with snortings and bellowings, with scratchings and tearings of its great claws and lashings of its terrible tail, it writhed and fought to be free, and the light of thousands of fireworks illuminated the gigantic struggle.