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From be- +‎ load.


beload (third-person singular simple present beloads, present participle beloading, simple past and past participle beloaded)

  1. (transitive) To load up; charge; burden.
    • 1986, Sir Robert Hart, Katherine Frost Bruner, John King Fairbank, Entering China's service: Robert Hart's journals, 1854-1863:
      As for W. himself, in interpreting he always misses the important point, and in translating he avoids simplicity and aiming at scholarship and depth, he beloads the subject & makes business more difficult.
    • 1996, F. Richard Hauer, Gary Anthony Lamberti, Methods in stream ecology:
      The purpose of the following exercises is to provide an understanding of the respective methodologies associated with sampling and measurement of suspended sediment concentration and beload discharge in streams.
    • 2007, Luis López Bonilla, Miguel Moscoso, Gloria Platero, Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2006:
      We apply it to beload sediment transport problems.