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Alternative forms[edit]


be- +‎ plaster



beplaster (third-person singular simple present beplasters, present participle beplastering, simple past and past participle beplastered)

  1. (transitive) To plaster over; to cover or smear thickly; to bedaub (with something).
    • 1774, Oliver Goldsmith, Retaliation: A Poem, London: G. Kearsly, p. 14,[1]
      Yet with talents like these, and an excellent heart,
      The man had his failings, a dupe to his art;
      Like an ill-judging beauty, his colours he spread,
      And beplaister’d with rouge, his own natural red.
    • 1846, Herman Melville, Typee, New York: Wiley & Putnam, Part I, Chapter 10, p. 91,[2]
      A starving man, however, little heeds conventional proprieties, especially on a South-Sea Island, and accordingly Toby and I partook of the dish after our own clumsy fashion, beplastering our faces all over with the glutinous compound, and daubing our hands nearly to the wrist.
    • 1900, Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim, Chapter 25,[3]
      He pelted straight on in his socks, beplastered with filth out of all semblance to a human being.
    • 1935, Thomas Wolfe, Of Time and the River, New York: Grosset & Dunlap, Book 1, Chapter 3, p. 32,[4]
      Even here, no movement of life is visible, but one who has lived and known towns like these feels for the first time an emotion of warmth and life as he looks at the gaudy, blazing bill-beplastered silence of that front.