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be- (intensifier (adorned with)) +‎ robed


berobed (not comparable)

  1. Wearing a robe.
    • 1994 August 12, Tracy Santa, “Scam the Sham”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Notorious for their strip club Norteno and their garage classic "Wooly Bully," Sam and his berobed cohorts flourished in that brief window of opportunity when the most primitively conceived, recorded, and executed music ever was denting the airwaves, music that makes anything popular today sound slick, no matter how hard it tries not to.
    • 1989 November 3, Grant Pick, “The Rag Man of Lincoln Park”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      "See, people were at first scared of Jim--bearded, berobed, Moses-like patriarchal figure that he was.