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From Middle English beseen, from Old English besēon (to see, look, look around, behold, observe, look after, go to see, visit, provide for), from Proto-Germanic *bisehwaną (to look, besee), equivalent to be- +‎ see. Cognate with Dutch bezien (to look at, review), German besehen (to have a look at, inspect), Danish bese (to inspect).



besee (third-person singular simple present besees, present participle beseeing, simple past besaw, past participle beseen)

  1. (transitive, obsolete or dialectal) To look at; see; mind; regard; favour.
  2. (transitive, dialectal) To look to; see to; attend to; care for; take care of; provide for; treat; arrange.
  3. (reflexive, dialectal) To look about oneself; look to oneself.

Derived terms[edit]